Activision: We put YOU in the game!

Catalog #1:

Activision Video Game Cartridge Catalog from Fall/Winter 1983

This catalog has the ever-cool Activision box art (complete with flowing rainbows of action) and descriptions for some of their later releases. It also has some spots that deal with their line of releases for the Mattel Intellivision, which were also excellent games as well. Several INTV titles appeared that didn't for the 2600 VCS.

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  • The front and back cover, respectively.

  • Inside the front cover with Activision's very cool hype.

  • Three pages of 2600 Titles: Enduro, Space Shuttle, Crackpots, Plaque Attack, Robot Tank, The Decathlon, and Frostbite.

  • Catalog #2:

    Activision Video Game Cartridge Catalog from Winter/Spring 1983

  • This one covers the more popular line of Activision titles that were available during the 2600 VCS boom. Most people had at least one or two Activision titles in their own collection of carts, some people had ever more (I personally had perhaps four or even five). They were just great, 'nuff said

    them out!

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  • The Cover and Back Cover, respectively.

  • The hype, the promises. River Raid and Spider Fighter.

  • Seaquest, Oink, Dolphin, Keystone Kapers, Sky Jinks, Megamania

  • Pitfall, Starmaster, Chopper Command, Kaboom!, Freeway, Stampede.

  • Barnstorming, Laser Blast, Fishing Derby, Boxing, Tennis, Skiing.

  • An ad for their quarterly newsletter. Anyone ever get this?
    Ice Hockey, Dragster, Grand Prix, Bridge, Checkers

  • A two page spread introducing their Intellivision titles Pitfall and Stampede.

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