The Emerson Arcadia is one of the more obscure systems of the classic scene. The systems are somewhat unique, the controllers resemble intellivision manufacture with little joysticks, and the carts themselves are extremely large enigmatic pieces of manufacture. The system was marketed as Leisurevision overseas. As you can imagine, it didn't last very long. But the Arcadia catalogs are still very cool to look at.

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  • The catalog's cover and back cover.

  • Featured: Cat Trax, Space Attack, Escape, Funky Fish, Space Raiders, Brain Quiz

  • Featured: Space Vultures, Alien Invaders, Space Mission, Missile War, Ocean Battle, Red Clash

  • Featured: 3D Bowling, American Football, Baseball, Soccer, Breakaway, Star Chess

  • Featured: Capture, Tanks a Lot, Grand Slam Tennis, Pleiades, Jungler.

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