I'm going to stray a bit from drivel you've probably heard from most people. Yeah, so the 2600 VCS was the system that everyone grew up on. I am included in that bunch of people, though I was also fortunate to be one of the kids that had TWO systems, the other being a Mattel Intellivision. Looking back on things, I seemed to have preferred my Mattel console over the Atari, though 2600 VCS was far more successful than its contemporary. After the fire died in the early console scene and lots of people moved to home computers, I (being a young fry) was given an 8-bit computer, some software, and told to have fun. As a result of this, I never even knew that Atari had developed the successor to the 2600, the 5200 Super System, and then the post-crash 7800 Prosystem. So, it was quite a shock for me when I finally saw some of these things and the games that I could play on them.

I undid the damage and acquired several of these beasts, and I love all three of my Atari consoles and their games. They all have their own merits. I also think back with great pride over the hours spent in front of my Atari 800 computer playing Spinnaker titles and finding ways to hack the titles written in BASIC. Shamus, Crossfire and Jawbreaker were among my favorites and still are.

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