• Imagic had the coolest games. They brought out animation and colors in the 2600 VCS that were simply unmatched except by, perhaps, Activision. Demon Attack is one of my FAVORITE Imagic classics, followed closely by probably Microsurgeon. Imagic's titles for both the 2600 VCS and the Intellivision were excellent pieces of work. Their carts were among some of the coolest looking, too, with the slick finish silver labels and colorful box art.

    Catalog #1:

    "Imagic Video Game Cartridges" Catalog from 1982

    This catalog is very colorful and has screen shots and box art, and also ads for Imagic's Video Storage Center and their Numb Thumb Club. Anyone ever join this? These ads really get you pumped about going out and dropping $50 on an Imagic cart!

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