Catalog #1:

Mattel Intellivision Catalog from 1982

This is probably the standard catalog you got from Mattel with your games during this period. Reviews of most of their initial line of games, plus some decent reviews of games to come within the next year or so. Personally, I think that Mattel hyped their games better than any other company did during that time. It seems to me that the programmers there at Mattel were more of a family than others elsewhere, and this may have contributed. Of course, we're talking about the Blue Sky Rangers here, too. The manual art is pretty good, too, check it out!

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  • The Mattel catalog's cover and back cover.

  • The Intellivision had been out for a little while and Mattel came out with the Intellivoice, which would make it speak. The Blue Sky Rangers go over this in great detail on their site, but I'll just show you the pictures and the hype.

  • Astrosmash, Star Strike, Space Battle

  • Space Hawk, Space Armada, Night Stalker

  • Tron Deadly Discs, Tron II, Lock -n- Chase

  • Tron II was released as Tron: Maze-A-Tron

  • Sub Hunt, Sea Battle, Armor Battle, AD&D

  • Snafu, Frog Bog, Triple Action

  • NFL Football, NHL Hockey, Major League Baseball

  • NBA Basketball, PBA Bowling, NASL Soccer

  • Tennis, PGA Golf, US Ski Team Skiing

  • Boxing, Auto Racing, USCF Chess

  • Utopia, Reversi, Royal Dealer

  • ABPA Backgammon, Checkers, Horse Racing, Las Vegas Roulette/Poker and Blackjack

  • The Electric Company Math Fun, The Electric Company Word Fun.

  • The last page is a form to enter the Intellivision Official Game Club. Like other clubs, it cost like $2 and got you very cool newsletters and game offers.

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