Catalog #1:

"Meet the Challenge" Catalog from 1982

This catalog is very colorful and has some great artwork. These are probably the more common Parker Brothers 2600 VCS carts that you'll run across.

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The cover

  • The Empire Strikes Back, Frogger, Spider-Man

  • The Empire Strikes Back: This release allowed you to reenact the snow speeder battle on Hoth. You fly your ship around and shoot up the Imperial AT-AT walkers, and destroy them for points. This was one of the more popular PB Titles, and is quite common. Due to the resurgence of the Star Wars genre in the recent years, folks have been attempting to peddle ESB carts for outrageous sums of money to Star Wars memoribilia collectors. Trust me, people, these carts aren't worth more than 50 cents.

    Frogger: Ahh, hours spent playing this game. One of PB's arcade translations, this one is their most common and immensely popular. It is simplistic, has decent graphics, and is just captivating. A later sequel to this game, Frogger II: Threedeep! is far more rare and offers the player some additional challenges.

  • Amidar, Super Cobra, Jedi Arena

  • Amidar: Another arcade translation, though the graphics here are poor compared to its arcade counterpart. The gameplay is fairly good, and it's a fun game. Though it's almost impossible to tell that you're a gorilla. I wondered about that for years until I actually saw the coin-op.

    Super Cobra: This game is horrible. Horrible sounds, horrible graphics, simply a badly coded game. Pull it out and put in another.

    Jedi Arena: This is a very fun game, even if the graphics aren't the best in the world. Developed during the period of the Return of the Jedi's immense success, it pits you against another light-saber wielding warrior. I spent many hours playing this with friends, and was often accused of cheating. It's addicting when played with others!

  • Reactor, Strawberry Shortcake, Sky Skipper

  • Reactor: Reactor was one of the very few arcade coin ops that Gottileb ever made (they stuck to Pins pretty much). It was an AWESOME game, with a slanted console and stereo sound with a heavy metal soundtrack. Though that isn't quite translated to the PB version, it does capture the gameplay and it's pretty much the same. I like it, and it's very enjoyable.

    Catalog #2:

    "Parker Bros. Video Games" Catalog from 1983

    This catalog isn't nearly as colorful, but it has good writeups on some of their games with small screen shots and box art. The cool thing is that it contains ads for some of their unreleased games, and some that have only been found to exist in prototype form. Check them out!

    1. The Cover
    2. Inside the front cover
    3. Frogger and Super Cobra
    4. Sky Skipper and Tutankham
    5. Reactor and Popeye
    6. Q*Bert and 5200 Astro Chase
    7. G.I. Joe Cobra Strike and Strawberry Shortcake

    8. Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk
    9. Chess and Risk (8-bit computers)
    10. The Empire Strikes Back and Jedi Arena
    11. Return of the Jedi : DSB and Ewok Adventure (proto exists)
    12. McDonalds!! and Lord of The Rings : Journey to Rivendell
    13. James Bond 007
    14. Cart Availability Timetable
    15. The Back Cover, complete with 1-800-vid-kids game-counseling #

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