Sears: Video Arcade Cartridges

Catalog #1:

Sears Video Game Cartridges Catalog from 1981

This Catalog features the oh-so-cool Sears Atari 2600 VCS line. These games are no different than the Atari releases, though they might have been made up differently. There are two Sears Only games, Steeplechase and Stellar Track. Those are worth checking out.

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  • The cover, featuring happy family around the VCS.

  • Various Sears releases like Warlords, Arcade Golf, Basketball, Checkers, Video Chess and Backgammon.

  • Releases from Sears' Challenge Games, Racing Games, and Coin Arcade Favorites.

  • Sears' Arcade Organizer and Storage Cubes for your VCS and carts.

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