Vectrex: Game Cartridges That Transport You to the Stars and Beyond!

Catalog #1:

Vectrex Arcade System: Passport from 1982

This Vectrex catalog features some of their common releases, along with Overlay screen shots and the usual hype for the games. The screen shots in this catalog are the cool thing IMO.

Click on the thumbnail for the full image:

  • The front and inside cover, respectively. The inside features artwork with a Vectrex unit.

  • Primo Vectrex game hype!

  • The Intergalactic Missions. Scramble.

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Cosmic Chasm.

  • Rip Off, Space Wars, Starhawk, Solar Quest.

  • The Terrestrial Adventures. Berzerk.

  • Clean Sweep and Armor..Attack.

  • The Sporting Encounters. Blitz and Hyper Chase.

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