I love this stuff. Books, posters, box art, label art, manual drawings and all the paraphernalia that goes along with the classic collector scene. I love my Atari advertisment posters, my SwordQuest challenge posters, Imagic and CBS manual covers with the awesome artwork and the intricacy that goes along with the design of a really cool Intellivision overlay. I'm a fanatic on the subject, and my room is just cluttered with the stuff.

I have created this page to archive some of the great artwork, advertisements, and brouhaha that existed along with the game playing scene. Most people chunked the game catalogs, boxes, manuals, posters, and other stuff that came along with their cartridges. Lots more took their strategy guides to Pac Man, Atari and ColecoVision games, and used them for coasters and didn't appreciate how neat-o they look and how cool they are to have.

Things such as these bring me as a great a sense of nostalgia as the carts and the games themselves do. Pac Man fever was on the radio, Qbert and Pitfall had their own TV shows, and the ARCADE was a temple of enjoyment, a place that was full of joy and wonderment. Arcades were store-sized in themselves. They were done up, facades with video-posters and pac-men and Pookas. Now they only exist in malls. -sigh-

New Stuff
For September 17, 1997

I decided to add a section on intellivision box art. I had fifty or so boxes sitting around and some of the artwork that was on them is simply too good to not be around for display. So here you are. Enjoy them!

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