The SwordQuest Archive: A collection of solutions and the comic books that came with the games of Atari's SwordQuest challenge series. Finally finish and find the word clues for all three games!

A definitive collection of the books, posters, catalogs, and box art that accompanied classic video games, scans of the newsletter Atari Age, with dicussions and comments on many advertisements and articles.

The most extensive guide for the classic arcade game Robotron : 2084 on the web! Features a complete strategy guide and tips and hints from past visitors. Also features a section on the recent remake, Robotron 64. A definite read!

A (somewhat) complete list of the classic gaming hardware and accessories that I've managed to accumulate through my years in this hobby. These lists are probaby pretty inaccurate and need to be revised.

Other sites you might want to visit in your exploration of this great hobby. Links for many of the best hubs of information and coolness that's to be found out there. Check it out.

  • Electronicon Photographs from the Philadelphia gaming convention in June 1997.

  • A page devoted to the World Book Tutorvision, a unique Intellivision console owned by Ted Brunner.

  • My small tribute to Stargoose, one of the first 256 color computer games ever for the PC compatible.

  • My own homepage, where you can learn about the really cool stuff I do in the professional realm to avoid responsibility!

  • January 21, 2002:

    It's probably obvious that I don't update this page anymore. Not enough free time these days. One of these days I'll get around to scanning some more Atari comic books and literature, but that won't be for a while.

    Enjoy the gaming dimension as it is .. and email me if you find broken images or links.

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